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 *   Copyright (C) 2005-2009 by Raymond Huang
 *   plushuang at users.sourceforge.net
 *  This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 *  modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
 *  License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 *  version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 *  This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *  Lesser General Public License for more details.
 *  You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
 *  License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
 *  Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301  USA
 *  ---
 *  In addition, as a special exception, the copyright holders give
 *  permission to link the code of portions of this program with the
 *  OpenSSL library under certain conditions as described in each
 *  individual source file, and distribute linked combinations
 *  including the two.
 *  You must obey the GNU Lesser General Public License in all respects
 *  for all of the code used other than OpenSSL.  If you modify
 *  file(s) with this exception, you may extend this exception to your
 *  version of the file(s), but you are not obligated to do so.  If you
 *  do not wish to do so, delete this exception statement from your
 *  version.  If you delete this exception statement from all source
 *  files in the program, then also delete it here.

#ifndef __UGET_H
#define __UGET_H

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include <ug_category.h>
#include <ug_ipc.h>
#include <ug_option.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#define UGET_DATA_FOLDER            "Uget"
#define UGET_DATA_FILE              "data.xml"
#define UGET_ICON_NAME              "uget-icon"

      // compile with GTK+ 2.14
#define gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip_text  gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip

typedef struct UgetT                            Uget;
typedef struct UgetVisibleSettingT        UgetVisibleSetting;

// UgMarkup input  : ug_data_in_markup()
// UgMarkup output : ug_data_to_markup()
struct UgetVisibleSettingT
      UgDataClass*      data_class;       // for UgMarkup input/output

      gboolean    toolbar;
      gboolean    statusbar;
      gboolean    total_list;
      gboolean    category_tree;

struct UgetT
      UgDataClass*      data_class;       // for UgMarkup input/output

      // these categories place in total_list
      UgCategory*       queuing;
      UgCategory*       completed;
      UgCategory*       recycled;

      // used by uget_switch_category()
      UgCategory*       current;                            // current displayed category
      gulong                  download_changed_signal;      // "changed" in GtkTreeSelection
      gulong                  download_button_signal;       // "button-press-event" in GtkTreeView
      gulong                  download_key_signal;          // "key-press-event" in GtkTreeView

      GtkListStore*     total_list;
      GtkTreeView*      total_list_view;
      gulong                  total_list_signal;            // GtkTreeSelection "changed" signal
      GtkWidget*        total_list_label;

      UgCategory*       category_default;       // default for new category
      GtkListStore*     category_list;
      GtkTreeStore*     category_tree;
      GtkTreeView*      category_tree_view;
      GtkWidget*        category_tree_scroll;   // (GtkScrolledWindow) container widget for category_tree_view
      gulong                  category_tree_signal;   // GtkTreeSelection "changed" signal
      GtkWidget*        category_tree_label;
      GtkWidget*        label_no_selected;            // GtkLabel "No category selected."

      GList*                  folder_list;
      UgetVisibleSetting      visible;          // visible widget

      // dialog. To make sure below dialogs don't show again at the same time.
      GtkWidget*        dialog_clipboard_no_url;
      GtkWidget*        dialog_close_confirmation;
      GtkWidget*        dialog_settings;

      // clipboard
      GtkClipboard*     clipboard;
      gchar*                  clipboard_text;
      GRegex*                 clipboard_regex;
      gchar*                  clipboard_pattern;
      gboolean          clipboard_processing;
      gboolean          clipboard_monitor;

      // Launch default application for downloaded file
      gboolean          launch_app;
      gchar*                  launch_app_types;
      GRegex*                 launch_app_regex;

      // auto save
      gboolean          auto_save;
      gint              auto_save_interval;

      // IPC & command option
      UgIpc*                  ipc;
      GOptionContext*   option_context;
      GOptionGroup*     option_group;

      // accelerators (initialize in uget-gui.c)
      GtkAccelGroup*    accelgroup;

      // icon in system tray (initialize in uget-gui.c)
      GtkStatusIcon*    status_icon;
      GtkMenu*          status_icon_menu; // popup menu

      // Main Window (initialize in uget-gui.c)
      GtkWindow*        window;
      gint              window_x;         // save/load window position
      gint              window_y;
      gint              window_width;
      gint              window_height;
      gboolean          window_maximized;
      gboolean          window_close_confirmation;
      gint              window_close_setting;
      // window_close_setting == 0, Let user decide.
      // window_close_setting == 1, Minimize to tray.
      // window_close_setting == 2, Exit Uget.
      // window_close_confirmation == FALSE, Remember this action.
      // window_close_confirmation == TRUE,  Always confirm.

      // layout
      GtkBox*                 left_vbox;  // left  side (total list and category tree)
      GtkPaned*         vpaned;           // right side (download list and summary)
      GtkPaned*         hpaned;           // separate left side and right side

      // summary
      GtkListStore*     summary_store;
      GtkTreeView*      summary_view;
      GtkWidget*        summary_scroll;   // (GtkScrolledWindow) container widget for summary_view
      GtkMenu*          summary_menu;     // popup menu

      // toolbar , menubar , statusbar
      GtkStatusbar*     statusbar;

      // ------------------------------------------
      // Toolbar --- start ---
      struct Toolbar
            GtkWidget*  self; // GtkToolbar

            GtkToolItem*      create;
            GtkToolItem*      save;
            GtkToolItem*      runnable;
            GtkToolItem*      pause;
            GtkToolItem*      properties;
            GtkToolItem*      move_up;
            GtkToolItem*      move_down;
            GtkToolItem*      move_top;
            GtkToolItem*      move_bottom;
      } toolbar;
      // Toolbar --- end ---
      // ------------------------------------------

      // ------------------------------------------
      // MenuBar --- start ---
      struct MenuBar
            GtkWidget*  self; // GtkMenuBar

            // GtkWidget*     shell;            // GtkMenuShell*
            // GtkWidget*     menu;       // GtkMenu*
            // GtkWidget*     other;            // GtkMenuItem*
            struct FileMenu
                  // file.create
                  struct {
                        GtkWidget*  download;
                        GtkWidget*  category;
                        GtkWidget*  batch;
                        GtkWidget*  from_clipboard;
                  } create;
                  // file.save
                  GtkWidget*  save;
                  // file.import & export
                  GtkWidget*  import_html;
                  GtkWidget*  import_text;
                  GtkWidget*  export_text;

                  GtkWidget*  quit;
            } file;

            struct EditMenu
                  GtkWidget*  clipboard_monitor;
                  GtkWidget*  clipboard_option;
                  GtkWidget*  settings;
            } edit;

            struct ViewMenu
                  GtkWidget*  toolbar;
                  GtkWidget*  statusbar;
                  GtkWidget*  total_list;
                  GtkWidget*  category_tree;

                  GtkWidget*  summary;
                  struct {
                        GtkWidget*  name;
                        GtkWidget*  folder;
                        GtkWidget*  category;
//                      GtkWidget*  elapsed;
                        GtkWidget*  url;
                        GtkWidget*  message;
                  }     summary_items;

                  GtkWidget*  rules_hint; // download rows
                  struct {
                        GtkWidget*  self; // GtkMenuItem

                        GtkWidget*  completed;
                        GtkWidget*  total;
                        GtkWidget*  percent;
                        GtkWidget*  elapsed;    // consuming time
                        GtkWidget*  left;       // remaining time
                        GtkWidget*  speed;
                        GtkWidget*  retry;
                        GtkWidget*  category;
                        GtkWidget*  url;
                  }     columns;                // download columns
            } view;

            struct CategoryMenu
//                GtkWidget*  self;       // GtkMenuItem
                  GtkWidget*  menu;       // GtkMenu

                  GtkWidget*  create;
                  GtkWidget*  delete;
                  GtkWidget*  properties;
                  GtkWidget*  default_for_new;
            } category;

            struct DownloadMenu
//                GtkWidget*  self;       // GtkMenuItem
                  GtkWidget*  menu;       // GtkMenu

//                GtkWidget*  create;
                  GtkWidget*  delete;
                  GtkWidget*  delete_file;      // delete file and data.
                  GtkWidget*  open;
                  GtkWidget*  open_folder;      // open containing folder
                  GtkWidget*  runnable;
                  GtkWidget*  pause;

                  struct {
                        GtkWidget*        self;       // GtkMenuItem
                        GtkWidget*        menu;       // GtkMenu

                        // This array used for mapping menu item and it's category
                        // index 0, 2, 4, 6...  GtkMenuItem*
                        // index 1, 3, 5, 7...  UgCategory*
                        GPtrArray*        array;
                  }     move_to;

                  GtkWidget*  move_up;
                  GtkWidget*  move_down;
                  GtkWidget*  move_top;
                  GtkWidget*  move_bottom;
                  GtkWidget*  properties;
            } download;

            struct HelpMenu
                  GtkWidget*  about_uget;
            } help;
      } menubar;
      // MenuBar --- end ---
      // ------------------------------------------

Uget* uget_new (UgIpc* ipc);
void  uget_run (Uget*  app);
// category
void  uget_switch_category (Uget* app, UgCategory* category);
void  uget_append_category (Uget* app, UgCategory* category);
// visible
void  uget_apply_visible (Uget* app);
// Update menu.view
void  uget_update_menu_view (Uget* app);
// Update menu.download.move_to
void  uget_update_menu_move_to (Uget* app, gboolean reset_item);
void  uget_update_summary (Uget* app);
void  uget_update_statusbar (Uget* app);
// Update sensitive state in menu/toolbar items if category/download selection changed.
void  uget_update_category_sensitive (Uget* app);
void  uget_update_download_sensitive (Uget* app);
// clipboard and import
GList*      uget_clipboard_get_url (Uget* app, gint n_url_limit);
GList*      uget_regex_get_url (Uget* app, const gchar* text, gint text_len);
// call uget_save() and quit
void  uget_quit (Uget* app);
// save/load setting
gboolean    uget_load (Uget* app);
void        uget_save (Uget* app);
// option
gboolean    uget_parse_option (Uget* app, int argc, char** argv);

// Notification (uget-notify.c)
void  uget_notification_init (void);
void  uget_notification_finalize (void);
void  uget_notify_download_completed (Uget* app);

// ----------------------------------------------
// signal callback
void  uget_on_category_selection_changed (GtkTreeSelection* selection, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_queue_selection_changed    (GtkTreeSelection* selection, Uget* app);
// event
gboolean    uget_on_right_button_press (GtkTreeView* treeview, GdkEventButton* event, Uget* app);
gboolean    uget_on_window_key_press_event (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, Uget* app);
gboolean    uget_on_download_key_press_event  (GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, Uget* app);
// window close confirmation, return TRUE for signal "delete-event".
gboolean    uget_on_window_close (Uget* app);
// timer callback
gboolean    uget_on_timer (Uget* app);
// status icon in system tray
void  uget_on_status_icon_activate (GtkStatusIcon *status_icon, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_status_icon_popup_menu (GtkStatusIcon *status_icon, guint button, guint activate_time, Uget* app);
// category
void  uget_on_create_category (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_delete_category (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_config_category (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_config_category_default (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
// download
void  uget_on_create_batch (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_create_from_clipboard (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_create_download (Uget* app);
void  uget_on_create_download_from_ipc (Uget* app, UgDataset* dataset, UgCategory* category);
void  uget_on_delete_download (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_delete_download_file (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_config_download (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_open_downloaded_file (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_open_downloaded_folder (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_set_download_runnable (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_set_download_to_pause (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_move_download (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_move_download_up (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_move_download_down (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_move_download_to_top (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_move_download_to_bottom (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
// import/export
void  uget_import_list_file (Uget* app, gchar* filename_utf8, gboolean quiet);
void  uget_on_import_html_file (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);    // uget-import.c
void  uget_on_import_text_file (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);    // uget-import.c
void  uget_on_export_text_file (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);    // uget-export.c
// edit menu
void  uget_on_clipboard_monitor (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_clipboard_option  (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
void  uget_on_config_settings   (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
// summary
void  uget_on_summary_copy_selected (Uget* app);
void  uget_on_summary_copy_all      (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
// Change visible status of toolbar/statusbar/category.
void  uget_on_change_visible_view (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
// Change visible status of download columns.
void  uget_on_change_visible_column (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);
// Change visible status of summary items.
void  uget_on_change_visible_summary (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);

void  uget_on_about (GtkWidget* widget, Uget* app);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif  // End of __UGET_H

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